How to delete junk customer accounts from Magento

How to delete junk customer accounts from Magento

Spam customer accounts are reall challenge when you are dealing with e-c0mmerce databases. Watching a huge amount of traffic from which only half amount is visible in analytics data can make you wonder why is that so? For every single visitor, we have one bot visitor

Why does it Worth to Move to Magento 2 – The Magento Expert

Magento 2 is providing an easy access to technical relations to entrepreneurs. It has brought a revolutionary change in trends of the online business. Magento has the capability to provide measures for elegant business management. In an online business, a powerful marketing

How to Get Magento Performance Optimization to Next Level

Magento has become one of the best platforms due to its services to e-commerce clients. Magento performance optimization system is developed one regarding provide services to online merchants they need. Magento speed is proved much time saving due to its

Top Notch Magento Development Companies of 2018

As in all fields of business, an atmosphere of competition has been created in e-commerce. People related to online and digital business are using different platforms. Magento has its distinctive position on all these platforms due to its efficient and customer friendly

How to be focused on small things in e-commerce projects

How to be focused on small things in e-commerce project

E-commerce project or e-commerce website is really exciting when you are going to dive into it.  Many entrepreneurs felt distracted and scattered in making a strategy and executing it while starting an online business. They think so because they try to work in multiple directions at one time. Your